Soils in Natural Landscapes por Earl B. Alexander

Soils in Natural Landscapes por Earl B. Alexander

Titulo del libro: Soils in Natural Landscapes

Autor: Earl B. Alexander

Número de páginas: 319 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: October 21, 2013

Editor: CRC Press

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Earl B. Alexander con Soils in Natural Landscapes

In any complete investigation of terrestrial ecosystems, rocks and soils must be considered. Soils are essential resources, providing water and nutrients for vascular plants, and mitigating the flow of water from the land. In addition, soil diversity is critical for biotic diversity. While there are many references on the agricultural perspective of soils, there is a need for a basic soils book for those concerned with natural landscapes and ecosystems. Soils in Natural Landscapes fills this niche, providing a thorough introduction to the physics, chemistry, and biology of soils and their roles in local to global systems.

The book begins by describing the field of soils and the major roles of soils in natural landscapes. The chapters that follow cover a range of topics:

  • Soil parent material

  • Architecture of soils

  • Temperature and soils

  • Water, air, and climate

  • Classification of soils

  • Soil landscapes

  • Plant nutrition

  • Soil organisms

  • Organic matter in soils

The author also discusses global issues such as water and carbon cycles, global warming, and acid rain. He addresses land management for different uses, soil quality, and soil degradation. Using an interdisciplinary approach, this book provides practical insights for the evaluation of soils in natural environments and their non-intensive management.